Training material

There are a set of slides about different topics around POK : system specification, code generation and so on. Does not hesitate to contact us for more information about these documents.


We try to make a very clear documentation for our users. We include a documentation in PDF in the release so you have the documentation that corresponds to the release you download.

We also provide on-line documentation in HTML and PDF format.

User manual

The user manual describe POK and explain how to use it (crosstools installation, …). It also details its use with AADL models. We provide a PDF and HTML version.

Kernel Reference Manual

The kernel reference manual contains a documentation generated by doxygen. This manual is included in each release as a PDF file in the doc directory.

You can also read it online

Libpok Reference Manual

The libpok reference manual contains a documentation generated by doxygen. As the kernel reference manual, it is included in each release in PDF format.

You can read online:

Papers/articles about POK

The POK project is developed as a research project for the design of safe and secure systems from architectural descriptions (AADL models and our work around Ocarina). There is a list of published papers about POK:

  • [DPPKSK09] J. Delange, L. Pautet, Alain Plantec, Mickael Kerboeuf, Frank Singhoff and Fabrice Kordon. Validate, simulate and implement ARINC653 systems using the AADL. In ACM's 12th Annual International Conference on Ada and Related Technologies - SIGAda09
  • [DGHP09] J. Delange, O. Gilles, J. Hugues and L. Pautet. Model-Based Engineering for the Development of Partitioned Architectures In AeroTech Congress & Exhibition - Avionics - Integrated Model-based System, Application and Architectures.
  • [DPF09] J. Delange, L. Pautet and Peter Feiler. Validating safety and security requirements for partitioned architectures. In 14th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada Europe, June 2009.
  • [DPK08] J. Delange, L. Pautet and F. Kordon. Code Generation Strategies for Partitioned Systems. In 29th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS'08) Work In Progress, IEEE Computer Society, December 2008.
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