Code coverage

Check the code coverage is an important issue. The goal of code coverage consist in verifying that every statement of the code is taken and every condition was tested. By doing that, we ensure that:

  1. No dead code is included in the application
  2. Every statement/decision was tested

Such a validation/verification process is very useful in some standards, like DO178B.

POK is originally developed at Telecom ParisTech for a PhD thesis and TELECOM ParisTech is involved in a project that provides solution to automatically check code coverage of an application. In consequence, POK is used with the tools of the coverage project.

It leads us to test our binaries and verify if POK can complies with the requirements of industrial standards like DO178B.

Using xcov with POK

If you use POK, you can automatically use xcov to generate coverage reports.

  • On the top directory of POK, invoke ./misc/ –xcov
  • Then, each time you invoke make run to start a kernel, the trace file and the coverage report are automatically created. Coverage report is available in the coverage-report directory.
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