Compile and install PowerPC toolchain

This has been done on Linux and Mac OS X. At this time, the PowerPC toolchain does not work on Windows.

The target is powerpc-elf. So, you have to build binutils and gcc for this target. First, build and install binutils. Then, compile gcc.

It has been tested with the following versions :

  • binutils : 2.19
  • gcc : 4.4.0

Build and install binutils

  • Download the lastest version of binutils
  • Untar the archive
  • Invoke configure for the powerpc-elf target : ./configure –target=powerpc-elf
  • Compile and install : make all install

Build and install gcc

  • Be sure that the pre-compiled binutils are in your PATH variable
  • Download gcc
  • Untar gcc (tar zxvf gcc….tgz)
  • Create a separate directory to build gcc (mkdir build)
  • Enter this directory (cd build)
  • Configure gcc distribution : ../gcc-x.x.x/configure –enable-languages=c –target=powerpc-elf –disable-libssp –without-headers –with-gnu-as –with-gnu-ld –with-newlib
  • Invoke make. This may fail. But most of the time, it fails during the tests so that you can install it even if the compile step fail.
  • Install, invoke make install

Configure the POK toolchain

  • Issue make configure in the top directory of POK. If the toolchain is installed, it should print an appropriate message.
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