POK is a real-time embedded operating system for safety-critical systems (avionics, aerospace and so on). It provides several functionalities and complies with many industrial standards, such as ARINC653 or POSIX. POK was designed to be used in safety-critical systems as well as in public systems.

POK is composed of two layers:

  1. A minimalist kernel
  2. A partition runtime.

The kernel was designed to be very small and amenable to verification/certification. Actually, more than 90% of the kernel code is covered without any effort. Moreover, its design, closed to microkernel architectures, isolates device drivers to avoid crashes and increase system safety. In addition, it isolates each communication channels to improve safety and security.

Available toolset is available to build applications with the POK operating system: we provide a code generator that automatically configures and deploy applications from architecture models (AADL).

POK is available as a free software under the BSD licence. It is developed by an academic and industrial community.

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